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Have You Considered Buying A Fixer-Upper?

Doing Home Improvement ProjectsWhile moving into a turnkey home is idyllic and very convenient, a home that requires some TLC might be worth considering.  A home in need of renovation is typically less expensive than one that is move-in ready and gives you the flexibility to customize the home as your time and budget allow. Here are a few benefits we think are worth considering. 

At one time or another, we have all watched a home improvement show or two and fantasized about what it feels like to tear down walls and erect a masterpiece in its place.  A fixer-upper allows you the freedom to personalize your home, add your own creative flair and experience a sense of accomplishment when your masterpiece comes together at the end. 

Not factoring in the cost of a little elbow grease, you can afford more home if it requires a little work. The money you save on the purchase can go towards renovations, increasing the value of your home in the long term. Use our mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payments for a fixer-upper in The Bahamas.Painting Interior of House

Location, location, location…. Location is the most important factor when deciding on a home, you can adjust the structure, but you can’t change the location. Including homes in need of a little TLC may get you into the stellar neighborhood of your dreams. 

Negotiation Power! Not everyone is interested in the commitment of taking on a home that requires renovations because of this, there is less competition which gives you better negotiating power. 

Contact us to learn more about purchasing a fixer-upper in The Bahamas.

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