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The appraisal department at Bahamas Realty is committed to the highest standard of excellence and is recognized as the leader in the appraisal profession in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas Realty appraisals department produces world standard, technically superior appraisals. In partnership with CRE Valuation Services, headquartered in Miami, Florida, Bahamas Realty Appraisals meet RICS standards (the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, or RICS, which is the gold standard of appraisal credentials).

Robin Brownrigg, President and Senior Valuer in the firm, established the appraisal department over thirty years ago and has built a team of fully qualified appraisers each providing the most efficient and professional appraisal services within the industry. Appraisals are conducted for the purposes of mortgage financing, insurance replacement cost estimates, and establishing market values for the sale of properties.

Bahamas Realty appraisers have the distinction of being on the approved list of every loaning institution and insurance company in the country and are government approved.

Working under the Bahamas Realty umbrella has enabled each of the appraisers to have invaluable access to comparable sales information within the organization, and to be fully cognizant of sales and rental conditions in both the residential and commercial markets. Additionally, Bahamas Realty has been directly involved in several commercial projects including shops, offices, warehouses, and subdivisions providing valuable construction and infrastructure cost data to the appraisers.

Appraisals by Bahamas Realty have been conducted on every type of property throughout The Bahamas including most of the major hotels, island resorts, shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, marinas, airports, golf courses, multimillion-dollar residences and private islands.

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