Listing Your Property


Exclusive Listing – With an Exclusive Listing arrangement you agree to list your property with a real estate office through a listing agent for a specified period of time, and agree to pay the real estate office the agreed commission regardless of who sells the property. The advantage of this type of arrangement is the exposure of your home. The granting of the exclusive listing provides security to the real estate office to market the property extensively and to offer the property to cooperating real estate offices on an agreed split of the sales commission.

Your listing can be syndicated to various websites including the Bahamas MLS (Multiple Listing Service) (Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ®) and the websites of all cooperating real estate companies throughout The Bahamas.

Our exclusively listed luxury properties ($1M+) are also listed with the luxury division of LeadingRE, Luxury Portfolio International® and its various partners, including and (Chinese premier property search website) and over 50 additional partner sites.

Open Listing - With an open listing you agree to list your property with a real estate office, but may also agree to list with other real estate offices and/or sell the home yourself. The real estate office that sells the property receives the agreed sales commission. Open Listings may be syndicated to Open Listings cannot be listed on the Bahamas MLS, and will only appear on the websites of the real estate companies with which it is listed.


The Bahamas MLS is a database of real estate listings set up by cooperating brokers throughout The Bahamas. The MLS compiles exclusive listings from the database of over 500 licensed Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) agents, exposing the property to thousands more potential buyers. Through the MLS agents share information on properties they have listed and invite other agents to cooperate in their sale in exchange for compensation if they produce the buyer.

Participating real estate brokerages may syndicate all of the properties from the MLS to their own website – regardless of who the exclusive listing agent is. All listings on the Bahamas MLS are also syndicated to International.

The advantage to the seller is that he/she only has to ever deal with one agent while at the same time knowing that the property is receiving the widest possible exposure. The advantage to the purchaser is that he/she only needs to deal with one agent knowing that the agent has access to ALL of the listings in the MLS.

Bahamas Realty agents consider the MLS an essential tool in today's market as it provides advanced data sharing where all MLS members can access information about listings around the country with the click of a button.

When you search for property on our website, you can rest assured that you are seeing every property in our collection along with every property available from the MLS.