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Luxury Beachfront Villas on San Salvador

Guanahani Beach VillaLooking for your very own serene tropical oasis or perhaps considering opening a boutique resort? Guanahani Beach Villa on San Salvador Bahamas may be the perfect place for you, Christopher Columbus thought so. In 1492 inspired by the surrounding shallow sea, Christopher Columbus first came ashore in San Salvador, Bahamas. Visit the stone cross on Long Bay which marks the spot of Christopher Columbus’ first landfall. Feeling more adventurous? An underwater monument marks the spot where La Pinta dropped her anchor. 

Guanahani sits on 1.5 miles of powdery sand on the southeast coast of San Salvador, one of the many secluded powder beaches in San Salvador.  This elegant property offers the best of both worlds - luxurious imported Italian finishes, modern amenities, and refined décor.  

Guanahani is nestled just steps from Pigeon Creek and Snow Bay National Park on the southeast end of San Salvador. Pigeon Creek is the only nursery area for the Nassau Grouper. San Salvador

San Salvador is known for great and varied diving. Vicky’s Reef is home to stingrays and the occasional hammerhead shark. Runway 10 features a spectacular vertical wall. Float across majestic coral heads at 40-60 feet before dropping sharply to 100 feet, a gentle slope takes you to 200 feet before dropping sharply again. 

Learn more about Guanahani Beach Villa here.

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