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10 Best Beaches in The Bahamas

Crystal clear water, soft white sand, and sunshine year-round.

The Bahamas is known for having the most beautiful beaches in the world, with the beauty of its turquoise water, visible even from space, being declared "surreal" by astronaut Chris Hadfield in 2013.



With so many stunning beaches to choose from, narrowing down the best is practically impossible, but we've rounded up 10 of our favourites from around The Bahamas. Make a visit to each one a part of your bucket list.

1. Tropic of Cancer beach, Exuma

Also called Pelican Beach, Tropic of Cancer Beach is the longest beach in the Exuma Chain. Located on little Exuma, some describe this beach as the most beautiful beach that they have ever seen with its super blue waters and calm surroundings.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

2. Beaches of Stocking Island, off the port of Exuma

Stocking Island, located off Great Exuma, is known for its picturesque scenery. This island not only draws in visitors because of its crystal clear beauty but the friendly stingrays there will keep anyone coming back.

Stocking Island Beaches

3. Big Major Cay (Pig Beach), Exuma

Most beaches are popular for their beauty but Big Major Cay, also known as “Pig Beach,” is famous for its swimming pigs. Yes, you read that right! The pigs on the island offer an amazing experience for visitors, allowing you to pet them, feed them, and even swim with them.

Pig Beach

4. Cape Santa Maria Beach, Long Island

Just one visit to Cape Santa Maria Beach and you will never want to leave. This highly rated beach is known by many as the most beautiful beach on Long Island, mainly because of its clear blue waters.

5. Great Guana Cay, Abaco

If you are looking for a beach with miles of white sand, along with peace and tranquility, Great Guana Cay beach is perfect for you. It is great for running, snorkeling, and collecting shells. Great Guana Cay is one of the most pristine and beautiful cays in the Bahamas. The famous Nipper's Beach Bar overlooks the beach and is popular with locals and visitors alike.

6. Kamalame Cay Beach, Andros

You may know of Kamalame Cay Beach through celebrities and social media influencers, but it is even more, stunning in person! Located on a private island, Kamalame Cay Beach offers an off-the-grid experience with raw beauty, unlike many other beaches.

7. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

The name is pretty much self-explanatory for this beach. Pink Sands Beach boasts miles of pink sand and this is really what sets it apart from other beaches. This beach is popular among vacationers from near and far looking to experience a beach like no other.

Pink Sands Beach

8. Fernandez Bay, Cat island

Located in New Bight, Cat Island, this wonderful beach offers amazing views and great restaurants and while there you may even find sand dollars in the sand to start your collection.

9. French Leave Beach (aka Club Med Beach), Eleuthera

French Leave Beach, aka Club Med Beach, is located on Bank's Road in Governor's Harbour. Its name is derived from the old Club Med Resort that was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. It boasts some of the softest pink sand that stretches out over a mile, overlooking clear water perfect for beach combing, snorkeling, and swimming. Bring your sunscreen as there is very little shade at this sunny beach.

Club Med Beach

10. Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island

Last but far from least on our list of the top 10 beaches in The Bahamas is Cabbage Beach. Cabbage Beach is very popular among visitors and locals to Paradise Island. A short hop over the bridge from Nassau, and within walking distance of many of the major hotels, Cabbage Beach is one of the most jaw-dropping and popular beaches in the country. A few hotels back onto the beach, but it is accessible to the public. The waters can be rough at times in the winter months, but that does not take away from the astonishing beauty of its turquoise waters and powder-soft sand. You can even find locals at this beach taking advantage of their jet skis.

Cabbage Beach


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