Virtual Tours

Walk through our listings without ever leaving home! With the launch of our state-of-the-art 3D Matterport technology, Bahamas Realty creates an immersive, virtual tour experience allowing you to tour properties from anywhere in the world. Explore a property in full from your computer or mobile device.


  • Click the play button on the screen, and you will be prompted with instructions on how to explore the 3D space.
  • On a mobile phone, you simply touch and drag - double tap to move to a different part of the property.
  • On a laptop, using your mouse, point and click to move through the space.
  • Use the arrow keys for a fast and easy way to fly through the property.
  • The Slideshow along the bottom of the tour on your screen allows you to play a preview of the space.
  • Touch/click anywhere on the screen to explore that area in more detail.

Contact us to find out how to turn your property into an interactive tour! Click here to learn more.



Harbour Breeze Penthouse

Luxury In Paradise – Harajchi Main