Cat Island



Untainted and unspoiled, there is much to be discovered on Cat Island.

Cat Island's 150 square miles can fulfill a traveler's every desire. There are ancient Amerindian campsites, religious ruins, rolling hills, dense woodlands, caves, high bluffs and deserted beaches. Herons feed in the rich wetlands, bonefish skim through the shallows, blue water fish leap from the sea. And beyond the natural beauty, hints of early cultures mingle among the small inns and guest houses.

It is a fishhook-shaped island, only 48 miles long and four miles across at the widest part. The island is located near the Tropic of Cancer, between Eleuthera and Long Island and about 130 miles southeast of Nassau and Paradise Island. It has one of the best climates in The Bahamas, with temperatures in the high 60's during the short winters, rising to the mid-80's in summer, with trade winds making the place even more comfortable.

The highest in all the land!

Mount Alvernia is the highest elevation in the country at 206 feet above sea level. The hill served as the hermitage of Father Jerome Hawes, who settled on the island in 1939, where he built a miniature monastery and hand-carved steps out of solid rock.

Activities and beauty galore!

Cat Island provides a unique vacation for those who want to get away in a private, relaxing, laid-back environment. With 50 miles of rolling hills, miles of nature trails, and beautiful empty beaches, including the eight-mile Pink Sand Beach. Boating, diving and fishing are among the main reasons to go to Cat Island, but you can also enjoy sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling.

Stay in a remote and rustic village setting and relax under thatched-roof tiki bars, make your vacation home a cottage right on the beach or select a fishing marina that caters to anglers on a quest for a big-game catch. Whatever you choose, there’s something to do and see on Cat Island. Of course, you may choose to do absolutely nothing at all.